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News Updates
Complete Solutions to suit your Requirements.
Telemagic Ultra Ver.  Launched.
The Real-Time Song-On-Demand Software with Dual Display and more money making options.

Ciné Magic Ultra Ver. Launched.
The Automated Channel Management Software with Dual Display and Live facility.

Peak Detector - Model: PKT-10 Launched.
Controller for Pressure Peak Detection.

SmartInvoice Launched.
Dispatch and Billing Management Software.

icLabel  Launched.
Pharma Software V 1.0 Ideal for easy Labeling and Documentation.
Softwares for Industrial Applications.
Complete Microprocessor based Hardware and Softwares Solutions.
Softwares like Cable Playout and Song On Demand Softwares.
ASK Info-Solutions provide Solutions for Instrumentation and Control, Factory and Process Automation. Also provides Solutions for Satellite & Broadcasting Industry.

ASK Info-Solutions are pioneer in Audio and Video related Solutions for Standalone Channel, Live event, Digital Signage and Electronic Advertising.

Specializes in M2M (Computer-Machine Communication) such as Hanel Leanlift Integration with ERP, Virtual Instrumentation etc.

ASK are in the field of Design & Development of Embedded Solutions. The Custom Controllers that are developed, are Manufactured and Supplied.

ASK has developed various Industrial Applications which has helped in improving the Efficiency of different processes like dispatch, Quality Control Labeling etc.